You Can’t BEAT Homemade Strawberry Jam

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We’re are so lucky at Layhead to have the space to grow our own strawberries, which means… homemade strawberry jam!

As many of our guests know, homemade jam tastes like strawberries, not like the tasteless, Continue reading

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Rock On


Someone has been busy!

On our rounds at Layhead we came across this gorgeous rock hand painted by one of our guests. Thank you if it’s one of yours and you’re reading this article. Continue reading

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#5 Ways to Celebrate the Summer Solstice


The Summer Solstice (or longest day of the year to you and me) takes place this Friday (21st June). This is when summer officially begins – woo hoo!

Here are 5 ways you can celebrate.

1. Plan to travel
Consider spending summer solstice at one of the key destinations where the summer solstice has been celebrated for centuries, or at the site of a solstice festival. Many countries, such as Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden hold summer festivals in which people dance around a midsummer Maypole and decorate their homes with greenery, flowers, and tree branches.

Continue reading

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Hug Your Cat Day


Here at Layhead, we are particularly fond of this celebration day.

Today is Hug Your Cat Day – yay!

There is nothing complicated about this celebration day, you simply hug your cat. Awww… If you’re a cat lover, you probably already hug your feline friend daily, but it’s nice to be reminded now and again not to take their presence for granted.

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#5 Places in Yorkshire to Visit at Spring Bank

Yorkshire has a diverse range of places to visit. Here are #5 fantastic attractions you shouldn’t miss.

1.Visit the National Science & Media Museum in Bradford

There is lots to see and do for all family members here. With interactive galleries and cinema showings, including the region’s biggest IMAX theatre, there is not reason for anyone not to enjoy themselves.

2.Visit St Ives Estate, Bingley

There are over 550 acres of stunning Yorkshire country park to explore at St. Ives Estate in Bingley. From the woodlands to the open moor, the wildflower meadow and the winding paths that take you through it all – you’ll find plenty of things to keep you entertained for free. If you’re bringing the little ones, there’s an adventure playground and the Coppice Pond will offer you the chance to feed the ducks, as well as do a spot of fishing.
St Ives Estate, Harden, Bingley, West Yorkshire, BD16 1BW.

3.Visit the National Railway Museum in York

This one is for rail enthusiasts young and old. See the transformation of railway stock through the ages, including Stephenson’s Rocket.

4.Visit Malham Cove

One of the most stunning natural attractions in the whole of Yorkshire, Malham Cove is an absolute must-visit. Formed by a waterfall at the end of the last Ice Age around 12,000 years ago, it has a unique limestone pavement on top, while the huge face is regularly used by climbers. For the first time in centuries it briefly became the biggest single drop waterfall in the UK in 2015 but visit on a sunny day and you’ll see it at its age-old best.
Malham Cove, Skipton, North Yorkshire, BD23 4DA.

5.The Piece Hall Halifax 

Dating back to 1779, when it was built as a Cloth Hall for the trading of ‘pieces’ of cloth, the Piece Hall has had a chequered history. Now a stunning transformation makes it a ‘must see’ if you are in the Halifax area.

Details from Leeds List. For more places to visit click here.

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Lost Sock Memorial Day

It’s always great to have a bit of fun so we thought we would celebrate something that is probably close to everyone’s heart.

Lost Sock Memorial Day which is held on 9th May.

Everyone and anyone who wears socks, loses at least one of them in their life time – probably actually much more than one, but hey, we all know it happens.

No-one knows where they go. Our theory is they are hiding next to the whit elephant. No-one knows where the white elephant is either so it seems appropriate to surmise that the white elephant and the lost socks would be in the same place.

There have been many theories over the years as to where all the lost socks go, however, we think that this is one mystery that will never be solved.

So, when did Lost Sock Memorial Day start? Who knows (or cares for that matter)? Probably the first day when humans began wearing socks.

Strange don’t you think that when we are left with one odd sock, we render the remaining one as useless. Odd then, many are happy to buy a pair of odd socks because they are trendy. There is no rhyme or reason for this type of thinking, but then, life should never be that serious anyway.

How to celebrate Lost Sock Memorial Day. Have some fun! Why not dig out your odd socks and see what you can make with them. Bunting perhaps, a hand puppet (remember them?), a coffee cup warmer. Their use is endless with a little thought and a bit of tweaking.

We say, just enjoy the day and our photographs of great uses for socks.

If you make something with your odd socks, send us a photo to and we’ll share it with our followers.

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Lyme Disease Awareness Month

Did you know that May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month?

There is no doubt that being in the great outdoors is good for everyone in the family. It allows children to run off a bit of steam and adults to think about something else other than work.

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