Our blog is back!

Film crew and sheep - photo by Chris Hodgson

Some of you may have tried reading our ‘Latest News’ page on our website which links to our blog recently, only to be advised that there was a threat to your computer.  Well, there was one.  Somehow, someone, somewhere decided to cause our blog problems.  So, we rose to the challenge and just built a new, and hopefully, better one.

Because of the blog problem we haven’t been able to let everyone know about the film which was shot over the summer in and around the Settle area, including Rathmell. The two lead actors live in Rathmell!  The film, called ‘Lad: A Yorkshire Story’ is about the relationship between a young boy and a National Park Ranger when they are paired up.  Tom Proctor (played by Bretton Lord, 13) manages to get himself into trouble with the police and has to complete his community service with Al Boughen the Park Ranger  (played by Alan Gibson, 55). The film includes another local, farmer Chris Frankland who also lives in Rathmell and plays a farmer in the film.

The film has been written by Dan Hartley and produced  by Dan and Richard Shean. Dan grew up in Austwick and joined the film industry after obtaining a degree in Law at Newcastle University. After two years working on commercials, he was employed by Warner Bros. as a video co-ordinator on Harry Potter & The Philosophers Stone, a position he held through all subsequent films.  Richard has worked on many high profile films including Harry Potter, War Horse, Alice in Wonderland and the Bourne Ultimatum working with renowned directors such as Steven Spielburg and Tim Burton.

The film takes in the beautiful surrounding countryside including Malham, Horton, Austwick, Rathmell and Settle.  Some of the shops in Settle have been used as sets too, so if you know the area, watch out for places you might recognise!

The film should be released next summer but if you’d like to see a clip or Bretton,  Alan and Dan being interviewed on our local television station, Look North, click here ‘Lad: A Yorkshire Story.

All good fun!

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