Rain Doesn’t Stop Play in the Yorkshire Dales!

Blue sky!

Even though it is a beautiful sunny day today at Layhead Farm Cottages and all the flowers are looking fantastic,  we have had a little rain this summer!  A far sighted marketing lady, Susan Briggs here in the Yorkshire Dales, has produced a very comprehensive list of things to do in less clement weather! Our guests have found these suggestions really useful and they have been much appreciated. The rain hasn’t stopped the celebrations either, the most recent ones being a wedding reception following the wedding which was held at Taitlands, and 50th and 80th birthday parties – also a proposed party at Taitlands.

We are always trying to make guests holidays more enjoyable and stress-free, and we strive hard to find local firms to help us with this mission!  To this end we have recently found a new chef, ‘Simply Homemade’ based in Settle, providing frozen or fresh meals made from locally sourced produce.  And also, Dukes, a firm from Wigglesworth, who will deliver other essentials – wines, beers and spirits,  however it is necessary to order these in advance.

“Just wondering if I could borrow your coat?”

Mango, Pepper and the hens are all enjoying the summer, although the hens egg-laying is on a bit of a downer at the moment? I think all their energies must have been put into other activities.  I went outside the back door yesterday and found Billy the Hen on the house roof! – Why?  I really don’t know.

Pepper and Billy are good friends which is more than can be said for Pepper and the sheep.  The sheep in the field by the hen house chase poor Pepper!  Are my animals normal?

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