Exciting News


Layhead ChickensExciting news!  The 2nd Tour De Yorkshire Cycle Race is coming to Settle on Friday 29th April 2016.  Many of the businesses around Settle are working together to decorate and organise Settle for a really fun day in the town for the finish of the first day of the race.  The race starts on the Friday morning in Beverley and the competitors will pedal their way across to the finish in Settle Market Place in the afternoon.  As Settle is only 3 miles from Layhead Farm Cottages, it will be possible to walk, cycle or go by car from here to join in the festivities and watch the race, and there will be big screens to watch on too. Hopefully, we will also be able to organise other events over that weekend, as it is the Mayday bank holiday. For more information and updates go to www.letouryorkshire.com

The new hens have arrived , and so now the egg production has at last increased.  I purchased some pure bred ones and some hybrids, and so now have a really colourful crowd of ‘girls’.  As yet the  old and new hens both keep to their own groups and don’t really mix.  The new hens include a Brown Leghorn, 2 Rhode Island Reds, a Light Sussex, 2 Black Rocks and a White Star, which should lay white eggs.

We are busy in the cottages at the moment painting and decorating, spring-cleaning (spring I hear you mutter!) and doing essential maintenance ready for the coming season.  I also have another exciting event to look forward to in 2016, my daughter Niccola and her long-term partner Moses are getting married in the idyllic surrounds of Layhead Farm Cottages at the end of July, so we are eagerly awaiting this event, and to welcoming their guests to the cottages.

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