Underground Adventure

Descending Gaping Gill

If you are looking for adventure near Layhead, we have just the thing. Twice a year it is possible to descend Gaping Gill, a large pothole on the southern slopes of Ingleborough.  Gaping Gill is a 98-metre (322 ft) deep and it was in 1895 when Gaping Gill was fully descended for the first time by the French speleologist Edouard Alfred Martel.  Today you are winched down in a specially adapted chair at the cost of £15 per person. Helmets and waterproofs can be borrowed at no extra cost.  It is said locally that there is no cost to be winched down, but if you wish to return to the surface again you pay £15!

You can spend as long as you like in Gaping Gill exploring the cavern, and looking for fossils hidden in the walls.

To reach Gaping Gill there is a splendid 3 mile walk through the Ingleborough Estate Nature Trail past the lake through woodland.  Look out for the wild flowers and interesting shrubs and trees which have been collected from all over the world by noted botanist Reginald Farrer. Part of the fun could be having a picnic by the stream on the way up or down the trail or visit Ingleborough Caves. The children will have great fun scrambling over the rocks at Trow Gill on the way up. As there is only one winch, an early start is recommended so you don’t have to queue for too long , and pre-booking is not possible either.

Every year the dates are a week at May Bank holiday and August Bank holiday so the next date is 26th August 2017.


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