Growing with Grace

Delicious Organic Fruit & Veg

Here at Layhead we like to promote locally grown food as much as possible.  Not only is it great for the local economy, eating well has proven benefits to all of us.

On the outskirts of the village of Clapham, approximately 9 miles away from Rathmell situated on the main A65 road, is a community cooperative farm that is dedicated to supplying sustainably grown produce to local people and businesses.

They have a well-stocked shop on site which also welcomes visitors in the area.

Growing with Grace doesn’t just grow its own fruit and vegetables, it goes one step further by growing crops in their own compost made from local green waste, and their delivery vans are fuelled with bio-diesel manufactured on site from vegetable oil. True recycling at its best! All produced is sourced initially from their own crops, via local producers within 40 miles, Yorkshire and Lancashire, United Kingdom, Europe and then the rest of the world.  Strictly in that order.  ‘Fair Trade’ products are sourced whenever possible.  And, amazingly, they do not supply any food that is air-freighted.

The shop is a small Aladdin’s Cave of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as a wide range of day-to-day items of eco-friendly household cleaning and body care products.

So, if you fancy using your Layhead cottage kitchen to cook up a feast of deliciously sourced local produce, pop in to Growing with Grace and buy some really fresh, organically produced vegetables and see if you can taste the difference to the usual supermarket ones.  We think you’ll be quite surprised at the difference.

Look out for our next blog with a really easy recipe for Ratatouille.

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