Settle Flowerpot Festival

Some years ago one of the members of Vibrant Settle had a very inspired thought. Hence the Settle Flowerpot Festival was born. Every year throughout July and August businesses, householders and shops around Settle town who wish to participate, make a model using flowerpots – a really simple and inexpensive idea as almost everyone has empty spare flowerpots.  Every time I visit Settle I seem to notice a different model I haven’t seen before.

There are snakes, dolphins, tractors, cupcakes, elephants, bees, in fact everything you can think of and many of the models placed outside businesses depict the trade that is carried out.  It is great fun for visitors to walk around the town spotting the different ones.  One year there was an enormous black very scary spider climbing up somebody’s house wall!

Cupcake – Poppies Tearoom

Pop into Settle and have a look, the festival continues to the end of August.

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1 Response to Settle Flowerpot Festival

  1. Marlene says:

    So creative
    See something new everytime one goes into Settle.Brill

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