5 Fun Facts About the Yorkshire Dales

  1. The Yorkshire Dales has many magnificent limestone cave systems

White Scar Cave, Ingleborough Cave and Gaping Gill are but three of these underground wonders.  If you have never ventured below ground before, White Scar Caves and Ingleborough Cave are a fantastic way to experience what lies beneath.  For the more adventurous, twice a year in May and August, Gaping Gill is opened to the public via a winched seat which drops 100m from the surface.

photo by Ingleborough Cave

  1. It has one of the finest railway journey across England

A wonder of Victorian engineering the Ribblehead via duct graces the landscape and carries the Settle–Carlisle Railway across Batty Moss in the valley of the River Ribble at Ribblehead. Standing at 32m high above the valley floor at its highest point and 440m long it was built by 1000 navies, 100 of whom died from either accidents or the outbreak of small pox.

photo by visitcumbria.com

  1. The Yorkshire Dales are named after its rivers

Shaped by glaciers in the last ice age, the Yorkshire Dales are river valleys named after their river or stream.  The word “dale” means valley and is derived from the 12th-century Old English word dael.

photo by yorkshirelandscapeprints.com

  1. There are Royal connections

Mary Queen of Scots stayed at Bolton Castle, located in Wensleydale, in 1568 where she was imprisoned for six months. However, her confinement was not in a cell, she was allowed to roam the local lands and had a retinue of servants at her beck and call.  The castle could not house all of her servants and some had to seek lodgings locally.  In January 1569 Mary left Bolton Castle for the last time, being taken to Tutbury in Staffordshire where she spent much of the 18 years before her execution in 1587.

Mary Queen of Scots

  1. The Yorkshire Dales has a long History in lead mining

Mining for lead was a major industry in the Yorkshire Dales from the mid-17th century until about 1900, with Britain the world’s leader in lead production. Today you can still see the remnants of mines dotted all over the Dales


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