3 Fun Things to Make for Easter

1. Make an Easter Tree
Kids will love making an Easter Tree. You can either decorate a tree in the garden if you have one with reachable branches or stand a branch in a pot to hang the eggs off.

• Real eggs or paintable plastic eggs CLICK HERE
• Acrylic paint, acrylic pens or porcelain paint pens
• Craft glue
• Sequins
• Buttons
• Ribbons
• Branch
• Flower pot decorated or painted if preferred
• Pebbles
• Newspaper
• Tissue paper

Note: If you are going to keep the eggs on the tree for a few days, real eggs will need to be ‘blown’ before being painted. To ‘blow’ an egg, make a small hole at the top and bottom of the egg, then blow the egg out of the shell (this can be messy and hard work) to watch a video tutorial CLICK HERE . Plastic eggs are relatively cheap these days and will reduce the time and effort of preparing the eggs before they are painted.

1. Place some pebbles in the bottom of a flower pot and stand your twig in the pot.
2. Pack the pot with old newspapers.
3. Put a layer of scrunched up tissue paper on top of the newspaper ensuring it is completely covered.
4. Prepare eggs if using real ones – see note above.
5. Colour and decorate eggs as desired using paint and pens. If gluing sequins to eggs, ensure paint is dry beforehand.
6. Hang eggs on tree and admire!

2. Make an Easter Bonnet
Easter bonnets are great fun to make. Here are some fabulous ideas to make. CLICK HERE

3. Make an Easter Cake
It is a tradition to make a Simnel cake at Easter. CLICK HERE to download a simple recipe to make this favourite.

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