Afternoon Tea


Following on from our last blog, summer holidays are a time to make memories for the family which will be talked about for years to come. How about organising a special afternoon tea. If the sun is shining, why not make it into an outdoor event, and invite some friends and neighbours to enjoy the tea party. You can get the children involved in the preparations.

Here are some ideas to make your afternoon tea special.

Homemade bunting: Cut out some large triangles out of stiff paper or old wallpaper and get the children to colour in each triangle (make sure they are roughly the same size). Tie the triangles together with a length of string and hang around the garden or room where you will be having tea.

Make hats: Why not have a theme and ask everyone you invite to make a hat to wear to the tea party. You could have a small prize for the best hat.

Homemade cakes: Get the children involved in making and icing some cakes for the tea party. Add some sprinkles to make them extra special.

Homemade doilies: Get the kids to cut out some doilies to display their cakes. Here’s how.

Cake plates: If you don’t already have a tea set, check out charity shops for serving plates, cups and saucers. Don’t worry if you can’t find everything to match, your tea party will just look quirky.

Bake homemade bread: This is a fabulous way to make your tea party special. Let the children have a go at making bread. You don’t need a fancy bread maker, and it can be great fun kneading the dough! Here’s an easy recipe

Invitations to the party: Get the children to design and make some tea party invitations. This is great hand writing practice and they won’t even know it! Cut out pictures from old magazines or ask them to draw their own designs. Remember to put the day, date and time of the tea party and it’s always nice to put the name of the person you are inviting on the invite too.

Arrange some outdoor games: here are some super-fun ideas you can adapt for your tea party.

Lastly, have fun and enjoy yourselves! Send us some photos of your afternoon tea party. We’d love to see them –

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