5 Things Guests Always Forget to Bring on Holiday

Ever seen the film Home Alone? You know, the one where the little boy gets left at home by accident by the family and has to defend the house from two burglars? We don’t suggest you forget your little one when you go on holiday by the way, what we do suggest is making a check list to ensure you take the essentials on your travels.

Here are five things guests tend to forget to bring with them.

1. Phone chargers. We all live by our phones these days. All our contacts, social media and appointments are stored in one little device and we all know THAT feeling when the phone goes flat.

2. Prescriptions. Check well in advance that you have enough medication for your travels (plus a day or two beyond). And remember, if you have a pet travelling with you that needs drugs too, make sure they have enough to get them through the holiday.

3. Appropriate clothing and footwear. Do your homework. We have had people turn up without any form of wet weather clothes or footwear. Check out where you are staying using online maps, and look at the weather forecast for the time you are away. Walking in the Dales in flip flops is not recommended!

4. Special Friends. Travelling with little ones? Most toddlers have a special friend. Make sure they are packed. You don’t want to have to turn around after three hours of driving to go back to pick up said special friend because you KNOW life will be hell for the entire holiday if they have been left at home.

5. The dogs bed. Taking pooch away with you? Remember to take their bedding. Many dogs need somewhere to sleep that is familiar to them. Their own dog bed/blankets will give them somewhere that has smells they recognize and you’ll find they will probably settle down fairly quickly.

Want to add to our list? Let us know what you think guests should add to their checklist. Email me at rosehyslop@layhead.co.uk and we’ll add and publish them to the one above.

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