Subject: Walk to Work Day (5th April)

We do tend to follow a lot of trends that come across the pond from America much to some people’s irritation, but we think this is one of the better ones.

The 5th of April is Walk to Work Day.

Okay, so we all have busy lives and walking to work probably doesn’t really come top of the agenda if you tend to rush about in the mornings or like to lie in for a bit longer than you should. Hopping into the car is a far easier option (although say that to the commuters stuck in traffic jams on our busy roads and they may have the same sentiment).

There may also be some of you that live a long way from work and must travel by car to get there.

Well, you just have to use your common sense.

If you can manage it, walking to work is not only good for you, especially if you spend a lot of time sitting down, it could also be good for our environment by reducing carbon emissions (even if it is just for a day).

Walk to Work day is a chance to change your routine. And change is good. You may be surprised to see things on your walk to work that you usually miss when you’re sat behind a wheel. A neighbour’s garden for instance or you might actually meet a neighbour you never knew existed!

Walking also allows you to clear your head and lets your brain drift or think about things you don’t normally get time to think about. Many a great idea has been borne from spending time in the great outdoors.

Walking to work will help you reconnect to your environment.

Here’s a few tips when planning your walk to work.

• Get up earlier to give yourself time to get ready and walk not sprint to work. The last thing you need to do is end up feeling totally stressed out.
• Walk in sensible shoes and take your work shoes with you in a bag. You don’t want to have to contend with pancake sized blisters.
• If you know you’re going to get hot, take a change of clothing with you. Or, if you are super-organised and don’t want to carry your shoes or clothes, plan to take some when you do use the car so you can leave them at work.
• Plan your route and timings. Seriously. You may find that there are some shortcuts along the way that you don’t even know about which could reduce the time it takes. You may find a more picturesque route than walking on the main road.

Do something different. Trying walking to work on 5th April and see how you get on. You never know, it might inspire you to do it more often and it will definitely increase your fitness levels.

Happy walking!

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