Lyme Disease Awareness Month

Did you know that May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month?

There is no doubt that being in the great outdoors is good for everyone in the family. It allows children to run off a bit of steam and adults to think about something else other than work.

If you’re used to the countryside, you have probably already heard of ticks.  Ticks are little blighters that can latch on to an area of bare skin.  If that’s not bad enough, you could contract Lyme disease from them, which is a potentially life-altering illness that is caused by bacteria transmitted from the bite of a tick.

Ticks can be picked up when walking through the countryside or areas of vegetation. It is a good idea not to walk about in shorts and tee shirts in this environment.  Wearing light trousers and long sleeve shirts means there will be less chance of ticks getting onto your skin.

Early symptoms can include a rash, fever, headaches and fatigue. If the disease is left untreated, it can result in joint and heart problems, chronic pain, and cognitive problems such as difficulties concentrating or remembering things. As with many diseases, treatment is more effective if Lyme Disease is diagnosed early.

Educate yourself and those you love about how to dress to minimize tick bites, as well as what to do when one is received, and what to watch out for that may indicate early signs of Lyme Disease.

And remember, your pets can also be affected by this potentially dangerous disease so it’s always prudent to check them too after walks in the countryside.

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