Hug Your Cat Day


Here at Layhead, we are particularly fond of this celebration day.

4th June is Hug Your Cat Day – yay!

There is nothing complicated about this celebration day, you simply hug your cat. Awww… If you’re a cat lover, you probably already hug your feline friend daily, but it’s nice to be reminded now and again not to take their presence for granted.

If you don’t own a cat, but still love them, the simple solution would be to adapt and make it “Hug Someone Else’s Cat Day”. A word of warning though. Be careful and don’t just pick up a neighbour’s cat you don’t know, or a stray. They may not like being hugged and you will probably end up at the wrong end of the claw.

Hug your cat day is about putting a bit of warmth and companionship back into your life, so enjoy some quiet time with your favourite furry friend. And, if you like cats but have an allergy to them, fill yourself with feline warmth by watching cute cat videos on YouTube.

Have a wonderful day!

If you have any fabulous photos of your cat that you’d like to share with us, send them to

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