Here are five DIY upcycling projects to keep you busy.


In our last blog we wrote about the use of plastic and the worldwide effect if we all don’t cut down on its use. We did some research on the internet and found that there are some fabulous recycling projects – from the really easy to some pretty mammoth projects.

Here are five DIY upcycling projects to keep you busy.

1. Plastic bottle bird feeder – We absolutely love this! If you’re like us and have a popular birdy café going on in your garden, we think this is a perfect solution to buying expensive bird feeders. Your kids will love making them too.

2. Make-up organizers – fed up with chasing lipsticks, make-up brushes and all your other products around the bottom of a drawer. The organizers are really easy to make and look great.

3. Alternative Christmas trees – I know, it’s only July, but if you want to make an alternative Christmas tree, now is the time to start doing your research and making your plans. Get started HERE

4. Repurpose old jeans – Just about everyone has a pair of old jeans kicking about. They tend to wear and rip in places that are not fixable. You don’t have to throw the whole pair out. If they tear from the knee downwards, just cut off the legs and make a pair of shorts. If they are unrepairable, here are some fabulous ideas to use the leftover denim.

5. Self-watering wall garden – If you feel really creative and are handy with tools, here is a project to keep you going for a while.

We’d love to hear from you about how you recycle. Email us at along with a photo.

Happy creating!

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