Easy Holiday Cooking

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So, you’ve booked your holiday cottage. You’ve planned your excursions.  You know what you need to pack.

So, who’s going to do the cooking?

Someone has to, right?

There’s no reason why all the cooking should be left down to one person.

If you’re travelling with members of your ‘bubble’, why not ask your ‘bubble’ buddies to choose a recipe (and bring along the ingredients) so they can cook it over the holiday period. That way everyone brings something to the table (literally).

The next thing to consider is what type of food makes great holiday food?

Well, you don’t want to make it too complicated. Being chained to the kitchen for most of the day is no fun.

Something that can be chucked in the oven after simple preparation is the best type of meal to conjure up.

And you could even cheat a bit, without every meal being processed food.  For example, you could buy pizza bases then get the kids to put on the toppings made from fresh vegetables and cheeses and anything else they like.

Or you could buy some fresh bread from the local bakers to accompany a one-pot stew.

By putting in a little bit of thought and doing a bit of pre-holiday preparation, no-one needs to be left sweating in a hot kitchen.

If you want to find some easy holiday recipes, check out the BBC Good Food website.

Have fun and enjoy your break!

Have any favourite holiday recipes you fancy sharing? Send them to rosehyslop@layhead.co.uk and we’ll pop them on our blog.



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