International Walk Your Dog Month

Anyone who has the pleasure of living with a family dog knows that they’ve got to go for walks at least twice a day, otherwise they’ll end up with a very messy house (in more ways than one) and a very board dog. 

Good mental health isn’t solely for us humans.

January is International Walk Your Dog month.  It’s a great way to kick off the New Year with a resolution to explore the great outdoors more.

Walking off those pandemic pounds or Christmas calories is a pleasant way of getting back into shape!

So, rather than just walking around the block, or doing your usual country lane stroll, why not plan a new adventure for your canine companion and yourself (obviously within your areas Covid 19 restrictions).

A New Year resolution could be that you find somewhere new to walk once a week for example.

Or, how about taking a longer walk than you normally do? Say, walk three miles instead of two?

Get cracking! Pick up a map of your local area and get planning your January jaunts with poochie. Your dog will love you more for it and you should both feel the benefit of spending extra time away from the couch. 

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