Simply beautiful garden hacks

Following on from the gardening theme in our last blog, we thought we’d give you a little bit of inspiration to make your garden have some of your personality.

Here are five unique creations for your garden.

  1. Bold Barrow – If you have an old wheel barrow lying about that isn’t being used, fill it up with compost and plant bold coloured container plants in it. Here’s how
  1. Wellington Boot Strawberry Planter – Use a pair of old wellies to plant strawberries. Remove the insoles, drill holes in the bottom of the boots to allow excess water to drain out (make sure the drill has gone all the way through the boots). Cutting out small holes in the side of the boots, fill with compost and plant your strawberries into the sides of the boot.

If you want to paint the boots, scuff shiny boots up with sandpaper. Use a spray paint that adheres to plastic (following the instructions on the paint can). Allow to dry and then plant as per the instructions above. Here’s a video to show you how

  1. Mosaic Stepping Stones – Add some colour to your garden by making some mosaic stepping stones. To find out how CLICK HERE
  1. Create Mood Lighting – Create pretty DIY outdoor lighting with mason jars – fill with an inch of sand and drop small tea lights in. Secure to a fence and illuminate the yard in soft candlelight. For more lighting ideas CLICK HERE
  1. Make a Terracotta Pot Bird Bath – don’t forget about the birds in your garden. Make a really simple bird bath using terracotta pots. Here’s how.

Don’t forget to email us your photos if you make any of the above –

Happy creating!

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