Bake Our Fabulous Christmas Cake Recipe

It’s very nearly Christmas but if you still haven’t managed to get round to buying or making your Christmas cake, here’s one of our favourite recipes we know you’ll love – and it sooo easy!

  • 12oz mixed fruit
  • 8oz sugar
  • 8oz self-raising flour
  • 6 oz butter
  • 2 eggs
  • 1½ teaspoons of mixed spice

If you want, you could add a few nuts, cherries, and anything else you like into the recipe to make it your own. Personally, I stick to the recipe and just add a touch a whisky to give it some Christmas spirit!
Line an 8″ round cake tin, leaving approximately a 2″ collar of grease proof paper to prevent the cake from over-browning. Pre-heat oven at 150ºC. In a large pan cover the fruit with water and bring to boil. Simmer for around 5 minutes. Strain the fruit well. Take the pan off the heat, put butter into pan to start to melt it. Pour in the fruit. Stir until the butter and fruit together until butter is melted. Add sugar and stir until dissolved. Add the eggs and stir in well. Add flour and mixed spice and stir in well. Pour ingredients into cake tin and bake in middle of oven for 1 hour, checking around 50 minutes to ensure top of cake is not browning too quickly. If it is, cover cake with tin foil for remainder of time.

Cool overnight, turn cake upside down and prick cake bottom a few times with a clean knitting needle or skewer. (Optional: Pour a tablespoon of whisky over cake base. In a week’s time, add another tablespoon of whisky.) Wrap in grease proof paper and store in an airtight tin.

Ice cake if required, before Christmas Day. I usually put a layer of marzipan on top of the cake held on by a spoonful of warmed up apricot jam or marmalade brushed over cake top. Place a layer of ready to roll icing on top of marzipan and decorate with cake decorations. Wrap a beautiful ribbon around the sides and you’ll have a Christmas cake you’ll be proud to share with family and friends.
This cake is lovely with a slice of mature cheddar. Enjoy!

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