3 Fun Things to Make for Easter

1. Make an Easter Tree
Kids will love making an Easter Tree. You can either decorate a tree in the garden if you have one with reachable branches or stand a branch in a pot to hang the eggs off.

• Real eggs or paintable plastic eggs CLICK HERE
• Acrylic paint, acrylic pens or porcelain paint pens
• Craft glue
• Sequins
• Buttons
• Ribbons
• Branch
• Flower pot decorated or painted if preferred
• Pebbles
• Newspaper
• Tissue paper

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Dales Discovery Day 17th March 2018

We’re all about promoting the Yorkshire Dales to the whole world and tomorrow, Saturday 17th March, is the first Dales Discovery Day.

If you come and stay at Layhead Farm Cottages, there are many wonderful places of interest to visit. Bolton Abbey, the Forbidden Corner, historic market towns, fabulous pubs and famous restaurants just a short drive away.

A holiday is never long enough to get to know the Yorkshire Dales, that’s why so many of our guests love coming back to stay in our cottages.

Watch this short video so you can see for yourself why the Yorkshires Dales is a beautiful part of the world to visit.


Want to know more about Dales Discovery Day? Find out about the people, see what’s on, download treasure maps and learn 100 Different Ways to Discover the Dales.  Visit www.DalesDiscoveries.com 

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5 Things You Should Know About St Patrick’s Day

With 17th March coming up, here are 5 things you may not know about St Patrick’s Day.

  1. The original colour to wear on St. Patrick’s Day was blue
    Although green is now the usual colour of Ireland, blue is still the official colour of the state.

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5 Free Wonderful Mother’s Day Gifts

You can get caught up in the hype of buying expensive presents on Mother’s Day. Now we’re not saying that your Mother isn’t worth it, but commercialism has taken away some of the true meaning of Mother’s Day. Your mum is more likely to appreciate something you have taken the time and effort to make rather than a shop bought present chosen without any real thoughtfulness.

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Handy Holiday Checklist


Going on holiday is something we all look forward to but if you have a busy life, getting ready to go away is another thing to add to your list.  And if you pack for the whole family, it’s not surprising items get forgotten!

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5 Fun Facts About the Yorkshire Dales

  1. The Yorkshire Dales has many magnificent limestone cave systems

White Scar Cave, Ingleborough Cave and Gaping Gill are but three of these underground wonders.  If you have never ventured below ground before, White Scar Caves and Ingleborough Cave are a fantastic way to experience what lies beneath.  For the more adventurous, twice a year in May and August, Gaping Gill is opened to the public via a winched seat which drops 100m from the surface.

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A Story in Stone

Part of the wonderful landscape of the Yorkshire Dales, and indeed around Layhead Farm Cottages, are the very impressive drystone walls.  Built predominantly as boundary walls and a way to keep the farm animals in, they stretch for miles around the Dales area. A 1988 survey calculated there is approximately 5000 miles (8000 km) of dry stone walls in the Yorkshire Dales area itself.

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