International Walk Your Dog Month

Anyone who has the pleasure of living with a family dog knows that they’ve got to go for walks at least twice a day, otherwise they’ll end up with a very messy house (in more ways than one) and a very board dog. 

Good mental health isn’t solely for us humans.

January is International Walk Your Dog month.  It’s a great way to kick off the New Year with a resolution to explore the great outdoors more.

Walking off those pandemic pounds or Christmas calories is a pleasant way of getting back into shape!

So, rather than just walking around the block, or doing your usual country lane stroll, why not plan a new adventure for your canine companion and yourself (obviously within your areas Covid 19 restrictions).

A New Year resolution could be that you find somewhere new to walk once a week for example.

Or, how about taking a longer walk than you normally do? Say, walk three miles instead of two?

Get cracking! Pick up a map of your local area and get planning your January jaunts with poochie. Your dog will love you more for it and you should both feel the benefit of spending extra time away from the couch. 

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#12 days of Christmas

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#5 Simple Tips for a Happy Holiday Cottage Christmas

If you’re planning on celebrating Christmas away from home this year here are #5 simple tips to make it special.

1.Most holiday cottages will already have Christmas decorations. If you have children in your party, to make it a bit more personal, take along some Christmas decorations to make so they can add them to the tree or hang them up around the cottage.

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5 Most Instagrammable Places in the Yorkshire Dales

Want to impress your friends and relatives with fabulous snaps? Here are 6 fantastic places to visit after lockdown to impress your Instagram followers.

Malham Cove
Malham Cove has an enigmatic feeling about it no matter what time of year you visit it. You can enthrall your followers by taking stunning views from the top or base of Malham Cove. There is nothing more majestic than Malham in the snow!

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A day in the life of a Holiday Cottage Owner

When my late husband and I first thought about starting our holiday cottage business all those years ago, we never dreamed that it would flourish into the business it has now become.  From our very first two bedroomed cottage, we now have eight cottages of varying different sizes, to accommodate guests travelling on their own, right up to large family groups.

We farmed the surrounding land until 2001 so when we first got going, we not only looked after our guests, we had farming duties to do each day too. As you can imagine, we always had an early start, especially as our herd of cows needed milking twice a day, and they would let us know when it was time to come in.  No excuses for late milking according to them!

I used to do all the cleaning and preparation myself in the initial years. It was quite manageable with one or two cottages, but as we added more, the workload increased and I had to draft in some local help to get through it all.  Now, I manage a fabulous team who know the ropes.

These days, although no early morning milking, there is still plenty to do.  I usually have a catch up with the team most mornings.  We go through the extra protocols put in place since the pandemic to ensure the safety of our guests and staff, check cleaning supplies, and discuss what needs doing that day for expected departures and arrivals.

Once I’ve caught up with the team, I can usually be found sat at my laptop dealing with booking enquiries, sending out deposit confirmation letters and replying to email enquiries.  Afternoons are usually spent shopping for supplies and items for the cottages.  I am really keen on ensuring I buy as much local produce as I can. 

Spring and summer time gets super busy.  I love producing my own jam and chutneys made from fruit and vegetables I grow here at Layhead.  There’s the vegetable plot to dig over in spring and in summer all the fruit and vegetables need gathering and making into jam and chutney.  My homemade raspberry and strawberry jams and chutney is well known with the many families that come back year after year. Not to mention the fresh eggs I collect each day from my hens which live in the croft at the back of my house. 

I love meeting and greeting all my guests at both the cottages and caravan pitches, socially distanced these days of course! It’s usually part of my morning or evening routine when I catch up with everyone.

So, if you call one day and I am not about, you’ll know that I am busy doing cottage duties… somewhere.

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