If Settle could not go to the theatre…

Settle Victoria Hall – England’s oldest surviving Music Hall

There are many very interesting old buildings in Settle. One of the most notable is Settle Victoria Hall. It is a Grade II listed Victorian concert hall in Kirkgate, Settle and is England’s oldest surviving music hall. Built in about 1852, on an old school site and designed by Sharpe and Paley, the Hall opened as Settle Music Hall on 11 October 1853.

Settle’s National School was built on the plot in 1816. The National School remained there until 1853, when it moved to Upper Settle to new school buildings erected there by the Reverend John Robinson.

Inside Settle Victoria Hall

Settle Amateur Dramatic Society, a fore-runner of today’s Settle Amateur Operatic Society, fondly known as ‘The Opera’, presented its first production in January 1880. Three years after the opening of the Settle-Carlisle line in 1876, the line had turned out to be “unhandy”. The train service “being such that a visit to a Leeds or Bradford theatre necessitated an absence from home all night”. With the Hall now available, the Society was set up to remedy this:

“If Settle could not go to the theatre, the theatre would be established in Settle”.

The shows that are preformed at the Hall have varied quite considerably over the 164 years since its inception. Modern day music acts and concerts have included international acts such Clare Teal and John Newman, this is as well as the yearly local Operatic Society show and visiting theatre groups from all over the country. The new Autumn/Winter programme includes live broadcasts from the National Theatre via the newly installed cinema screen and a music celebration of Simon & Garfunkel.

For more programme details and information about Settle Victoria Hall CLICK HERE

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