Wedding News

30th July is fast approaching – my daughter’s wedding so we are busier than usual at Layhead.  My main tasks at the moment are to get the garden and the house looking spick and span! The wedding is English Country Garden with a hint of  Caribbean sunshine – hopefully! The colours are therefore deep purple, deep pink, orange,  yellows and lime green.  I have planted up lots of tubs in these colours  so all the guests get in the Caribbean mood.

I have also cleared a corner of the garden and planted shrubs with yellow/lime green foliage which look very showy but are at the moment they are fenced in to keep the pesky rabbits from eating them before the big day.

Niccola and Mo are being married in Rathmell church which is under going major roof repairs at the moment.  They ensure us that by the big day it will look less like a building site.


After the ceremony the bride and groom will the lead the guests through the village back to Layhead for the reception. There is a local tradition in Rathmell of tying the church gates during the wedding ceremony so that nobody can leave. The bride and groom have to throw money over the gate to local children in the hope they will untie the gate. The church bell will be rung for the first time in 10 years thanks to the kindness of a local campanologist (bell ringer).

More news soon.





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1 Response to Wedding News

  1. Jean Simms says:

    Sounds wonderful Rosemary, wish the happy couple all the best for a very happy day and a very good start to married life.
    Love, Jean

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