Creative and fun alternatives to plastic – Part 3

#plasticfree #tincans #recycle

If you have tin cans left over from soups or puddings, rather than putting them into the recycle bin, why not try making some gorgeous punched tea light holders?

What you need:

• Tin cans
• Plain paper
• Masking tape
• Log to fit into the can
• Long nail
• Hammer
• Spray paint (optional)
• Tea lights

Getting creative

1. Ensure the tins you are using are thoroughly washed out and dried
2. Cut the paper to the size of the tin.
3. Draw your design on the paper (could be a letter)
4. Stick the paper with the design onto the can so you can see it
5. With the hammer and nail, punch holes in the tin
6. Spray the tin with the paint (always do this in a well-ventilated area (preferably outside)
7. Once dried, place the tea light in the tin.

When punching holes, ensure you work on a firm surface. Always supervise children taking part in this project. Never leave lit tea lights unattended.

To see a short video tutorial click here

If you have any photos of your tea light holders send them to and we’ll share them on our blog.

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